Our Biz24 team:


  • 60+ Software Developers // Web Developers / KI- / eCommerce-Experts
  • 20+ Digital Marketing Specialists // Performance-, Brand-Marketing-, UI-, Webdesign-Experts
  • 15+ Project Managers & QA Experts // Product Designers, Quality management
  • 7 Content Experts // Video Editors and Concept Creators
  • Additional Administrative Staff and External Freelancers.



How We Work

Radical, Different, Productive

We follow these principles:

  • Don’t do what the customers want, but do what brings them forward. Understand the customer's goals and help them succeed.

  • The customer is not a king! A good customer is a partner.
    Dare to say “No”. Deliver consistently good results. Always think along, provide suggestions and always think a little further. This is the only way customers feel like royalty.

  • If possible, do things that have a lasting effect.
    (Short-term actions burn client’s money and don’t yield desired results.)

  • Guide the customer, he will be grateful for that. Clients are not familiar with all the ins and outs of your work.

  • Do not create unnecessary activities.
    (Cost, unnecessary correspondence, overhead)

  • Share your knowledge with others, and always think outside the box.

  • Always try new things. If you make a mistake, it's not the end of the world. Learn from it and combine the lessons learned.

  • If you make mistakes, learn from them and actively share insight with your colleagues. (If you dare to do something new, you make mistakes. If you do not make any mistakes, you don’t grow.)

  • Relentless criticism from other experts, self-reflection and continuous learning are crucial for success. A person who lies to himself has already lost.

  • Take your time! Personal responsibility is better than a useless process.

  • Quality is better than quantity. Because it creates sustainability at every level.

  • Do not respect anything except good results.

  • Never stop working when you succeed.
    Achievements are the best basis for further success.


To make customers happy in the long term, you shouldn't always be agreeable.