Online Marketing Software

[BCS = Business Communication System]
This is our in-house software tool developed by our team. BCS is a piece of technology we put our heart and soul into.  We use this marketing system for all our projects.
Only by using BCS technology we can guarantee the high performance of the ad campaigns.
Since all marketing modules are integrated within one system, we are able to achieve a significant workflow automation.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Marketing Resource Management (MRM)
Digital Asset Management
Content Marketing and
Marketing Automation Software

But how useful is classification and terminology in our chaotic world?

„Enterprise Online Marketing Cloud“

In other words, BCS is a platform that allows companies to organize online marketing processes. It gives you massive competitive advantages through performance marketing tools, data analysis, and increased efficiency in customer acquisition automation.

BCS is developed for midsize companies, ideal for digital agencies, online marketing experts and performance marketing specialists.


Biz24 was founded in 2012 as a tech start-up with an ambitious idea – create a cloud-based platform for every company to control, monitor and optimize their online marketing processes, and collaborate with one or more partners or agencies. The platform consisted of many useful modules and features. Using our platform, companies are able to automate processes, manage marketing data inside a centralized system, and organize leads, structured databases, posts, traffic etc. BCS is an extensive toolbox for online marketing professionals who value integrated easy-to-use technology. Essential for the daily work in the GAFA environment (GAFA: Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple).


We are proud developers of the powerful customer acquisition tools. We know that finding customers is a challenging task for any company. And with better tools, you have more chances to beat the competition.

Our modular architecture allows using the tools separately or in combination the way you need them for your marketing activities.

While developing the tools we always follow the approach: enterprise first. We recognize that every customer is unique.

Product Information Management

PIM module manages all data of a product (item). Every item consists of numerous values called attributes. Users can define attributes at each category level. The number of category levels (comparable to branches of a tree) is unlimited. Each category level automatically inherits the attributes of a higher level. In each category level, an unlimited number of articles or items can be manually created or automatically imported.

Media Asset Management

This module keeps all media and data in one place.



Users can create folders (as in Windows OS) on different levels or use default system folders to store images, videos, .pdf and .doc files, etc.
There are many default system folders that contain data used in a specific part of BCS (e.g. widget images, section images, domain images, all files). So when a user uploads an image, and then adds it to some widget, this image can be found in a default folder called “widget images”. A convenient way to find images is to click on the “All Files”; folder. It allows you to see all the data, without having to search through individual folders. Folders can be easily moved / sorted by drag-and-drop. You can rename, delete them or download content to your PC.

Sorting and Search

mages and other data can be searched or sorted by “name”, “date”, “type”, “size”, and “status”.


All files can be downloaded, moved, updated (using “replace” function), selected and downloaded in bulk. You can check in which web pages and site sections individual images are used and in which folders they are stored. “Replace” function updates the existing files by replacing an old file with a new one. This feature is handy when some image (e.g. logo) is used in many parts of the website and you want to update it in one click.

Media import via Drag-and-drop

All data can be easily moved into a drag-and-drop area to trigger an upload. A multi-file upload is also possible.

Media Management Interface

At any part of BCS that requires image management or upload, you can access the entire archive of all files. When searching for an image, you can simply sort all files using drag-and-drop. You can also select the main picture of a section.


This data-module can be used to organize manual and automated data collection (data mining) and data streams. By using import adapters, which are available in our BCS marketplace, you can easily regulate data transfer processes. Each user can implement custom import adapters, and share or rent them to other users.

Data transfer can be conducted from any external digital medium. The records are transferred to the selected location in the PIM module after processing / conversion. You can define the transfer intervals and the way your data is stored in the system.

Contact Form Builder

The flexible tool for creating web forms to capture online leads and conversions. FormKonfi can also be used to create classic CTA (call-to-action) buttons. Formkonfi module features:

  • Protected Forms(data encryption, GDPR compliance)
  • Dashboard (display conversions and leads for different users / agents)
  • Reservations Tool (reservation software that allows guests to automatically book a table in a restaurant, or make an appointment in a beauty salon, etc.)
  • Performance Monitoring (monitor the performance of your campaigns or lead funnels. This function lets you know exactly which lead was generated by which campaign and channel)
  • Payments via PayPal

Content Management System

Our custom Content Management System (CMS) allows us to create web pages of any type. CMS is also suitable for building simple landing pages or mini-websites on a subdomain level. Website designs can be customized with individual styles, CSS and Javascript elements. Websites are adequately displayed in different devices.

A good CMS must be SEO-friendly, so we created SEOPlus features. With this tool, experienced SEO experts can use a special interface when working in the CMS. The interface is different from the one that is used for content management. General SEObility of the CMS is set by default so inexperienced users could intuitively add some basic SEO settings, even if they don’t know what SEO is. SEOPlus features leave the experienced SEO professionals more room to manage content, such as: Permalink, Product Section SEO Configuration.

Our CMS can be enhanced with other modules (FormKonfi, PIM data, tracking elements, Analytica).


This module allows us to overview and analyze the data from the filled web forms (conversions and leads). BCS Analytica lets you import Google Analytics data, create different charts, and synchronize these with conversion numbers. A monthly email report provides the account owner with key metrics, statistics, campaigns, and conversions.


IThis module provides proverful tools for performance-oriented agencies. This helps to monitor and verify the quality of the service provided.


A module for time tracking, which can be smartly modified when working with various customers / projects. Individuals or multidisciplinary teams can record various work activities in a few clicks. Project managers or account managers get an overview of who has done what and for which customer.


A small and convenient tool for measuring link clicks for different campaigns. A great helper in analyzing various social media marketing activities.


This tool can be used to determine how many calls were initiated by an advertising campaign. An extra feature inside this tool allows to dynamically change phone numbers on the webpages, depending on where the user comes from. This helps to differentiate an organic website visitor or an existing customer from an advertising campaign visitor.